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    Our mission

    To provide the best possible service to every customer by providing the best possible supervision, support, encouragement, and rewards for our employees. They are the building blocks of our company's success.

    Premier Service Company was founded in 1997 by Joel and Karla Daniel. We are a family-owned and managed business since our founding.

    This business model best represents and serves both our industry and customers. No other business model can consistently deliver with both integrity and accountability, the customized service required of a building services contractor.

    We work with peers, groups, and allied industries to bring more integrity to our industry by educating others about common unethical business practices in our industry. We are proud of our efforts and accomplishments, and look forward to building on those in the future.

    With gratitude,

    Joel R. Daniel, president

    Janitorial Services

    Below are some of the services we provide. We customize service to fit your needs and are steadily adding services to our list:

  • About Premier Service

    Call us: 615-223-6800

    • Premier has never had an incident of employee misconduct
    • We have never experienced a claim for worker compensation
    • We have never been the subject of any public or private legal action
    • Premier is 100% debt free since 2000
    • Premier is 100% independent. We are not a franchise company
    • We are lifelong, career cleaning professionals
    • We are a proud, American small business
    • We have broad, time-proven experience in all types of facilities
  • Philosophy


    We believe in the dignity of each person regardless of position.


    We believe that all work has value in itself and that it benefits those who do it consistently.


    We believe in cooperation even when it is inconvenient or difficult.


    We believe everyone involved should benefit materially. We believe that service begins at the top and moves outward in all directions.

  • Management

    Joel R. Daniel

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    "With thirty-eight years experience in the cleaning industry, I am a life-long commercial cleaning professional. I received the industry designations RBSM in 1992 and CBSE in 1999. I have contributed several articles to national cleaning publications such as Cleaning Management Magazine and Contracting Profits.

    My family and I are proud to provide commercial cleaning services in the greater Nashville area. We are very grateful to our customers who provide the opportunity to own a family business.

    Karla and I were married December 13, 1980, have raised three children and now enjoy 5 grandchildren! We consider ourselves extremely fortunate and blessed."

    Karla Daniel
    Office Manager

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    Karla is Premier's office manager handling AP, AR, Payroll, and Human Resources responsibilities.

    "Joel and I were married December 13, 1980 and I began my career in the industry immediately afterward. I am Premier's office manager handling everything that comes with it!

    We are very happy and blessed to live and work in the Nashville area and enjoy spending time with our children and 5 grandchildren."

    Nathan Daniel
    Sales & Operations Manager

    Email Nathan
    Nathan Daniel is one of 3 siblings who grew up around the cleaning business. The first jobs for each of them were working in the business while going to school and later, college. Nathan attended MTSU majoring in business.

    Nathan has made a career in the business with more than 15 years experience from basic cleaning to sales and operations management. Nathan is married and father to 3 children and lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

  • Our Services

    Below are some of the services we provide.
    We customize service to fit your needs and are steadily adding services to our list.

    Janitorial Service
    We are experienced and qualified in many types and sizes of facilities. From 1 - 7 days per week, one shift to 24 hour operations, Premier can provide the service you need.

    Floor Care
    Stripping, finishing, buffing, burnishing, recoating, and hard surface pressure cleaning. We can handle virtually any floor type.

    Carpet Care
    Extraction, bonnet, encapsulation, spot-cleaning, and dual combination methods where one method alone cannot clean.

    Day Porter
    We can provide full or part-time day porter services to help maintain busy facilities during day or night shifts, customized to fit any situation.

    We can provide basic maintenance services such as:

    • Light bulb changing
    • Light fixture cleaning
    • Sink & Toilet repair
    • Dispenser installation
    • Door lubrication

    Specialty Services

    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Partition cleaning
    • High pressure ceramic & stone cleaning
    • Pressure washing (exterior and industrial)
  • Employee Support

    To Premier, employee support means
    not only providing basic elements of compensation,
    but also total operational support to service personnel.

    This involves a commitment with each person in any position.
    Included are fundamental acknowledgment of accomplished work goals, specific supplies and tools which aid job performance and reduce difficulty and tedium, proper instructions on how to perform specific functions, and even guidance toward outside resources for financial or other specialized assistance.

    Employees treat customers in the same manner in which they are treated.
    So we find that commitment to employees is essential. This is why in our philosophy you see the phrase, "we believe that service begins at the top and moves outward in all directions."

    Yes, final authority and responsibility rest in the leadership of the company and no one shares those concerns to the same extent. But everyone does have a stake in the job they hold. Realizing and respecting this carries power
    that no amount of authority can ever produce.

  • Staff Selection

    Employee selection is the most critical step in our plan. Every element of service is affected by this step. Our procedures are simple, but thorough and effective. Time invested on the front end of employee recruitment and training is repaid many times over in job performance and stability.

    Basic Requirements

    1. 18 years of age or older
    2. High school or equivalent education (YES - this matters!)
    3. No criminal record
    4. Stable work history and current full-time employment, OR, student, homemaker, retiree, etc., subject to verification.


    1. Prospective employee applies for position.
    2. Applications not properly completed are eliminated.
    3. Those whose applications which are complete are reserved for further consideration and processing.
    4. Employment history is verified and recorded. Significant discrepancies disqualify the applicant. "Holes" in employment record must be completely and satisfactorily explained & verified or applicant is disqualified.
    5. After employment history is verified, background screening for criminal arrests and convictions is performed in accordance with law.
    6. If the applicant passes each level above he or she is eligible to become a Premier Service Company service staff member and may be hired by the manager or area supervisor.
    7. The overall best available applicant is hired and training begins.
    8. The new hire begins the mandatory 60-day training & probation period.
    9. Ongoing training and reporting continue throughout employment.
  • Supervision Plan

    We believe in the dignity of each person regardless of position. We further believe that people cannot be manipulated into doing quality work and that no amount of supervision will correct a poorly-chosen employee.

    For this reason, our approach is support of commitment rather than "supervisory control". This begins with the selection process, an absolutely crucial element in providing good service.

    If the proper candidate is chosen in the beginning, half the solution is achieved. Once the selection is made and the candidate makes the commitment, the only issue is proper training and support which reaffirms the original commitment and positive progress toward our goals.

    This supervisory plan and proper job site evaluation form a winning combination that provides reliable and consistent service to our customers.

  • Business Models and Issues in Janitorial Contracting

    The most prevalent janitorial business model is the small "mom and pop" business that has perhaps 0-3 employees. But there are others. We have large multinational corporations, large regional companies, small-medium local operators and traditional "mom and pops". But not every model works well or ethically in our industry.

    For example, franchising has a very successful history in many industries world-wide. However, in the cleaning industry, it has run into some serious snags, particularly at the entry-level.

    In part, this is due to the nature of cleaning itself. Any average individual can be trained to do good cleaning work. Realizing this, some mistakenly assume with very little training and cost, they can start a business that leads to the classic "American Dream". This is, in fact, the basic sales pitch" of the franchise cleaning companies.

    But this has resulted in a nightmare for many who have purchased a cleaning franchise. The result is a number of class action lawsuits, and the landmark 2012 decision in Massachusetts. The court case is Pius Awuah et al. v. Coverall North America Inc., which Coverall lost and plaintiffs were awarded $3 million.

    Quoting the Forbes article above:

    "..Shannon Liss-Riordan of the firm Lichten & Liss-Riordan, who represents workers in the case... says this judgment may only be the beginning— more than 700 additional Massachusetts Coverall workers are still pressing their claims."

    Further quoting the article, "Similar suits are in process in other states and against other major janitorial franchises, including Jani-King and Jan-Pro, says Liss-Riordan."

    Franchising has led to success and job-creation for millions of people. However, the companies which are the targets of these suits are known for their easy-entry appeal combined with high cost financing, high royalties, rigid control of finances, and restrictive agreements.

    In fact, franchisees never own their contracts, and by extension never own their business. Finally the courts are realizing this as an elaborate employee misclassification scheme. Misclassification is a huge problem in many service industries, not only janitorial. It has a negative impact on business and the overall economy; ( see below for government descriptions and guidelines )

    Beyond franchise companies, misclassification is sometimes multi-layered without customer knowledge or approval. A legitimately-licensed contractor could "subcontract" to another individual or company who then "subcontracts" to another and so on. We often refer to this practice as "ghosting". As you can imagine, this leaves the customer open to a variety of risks.

    Sometimes the primary contractor will simply "declare" workers are "independent contractors" and pay a flat fee for the service. This can happen with or without the workers' knowledge. And to be fair, customers are not always unaware of the scheme. I have known some who have encouraged or been actively involved in it. This is rare, however.

    In the end, a customer is left with the details to unravel. Below is a basic checklist which might aid in the task.

    Basic Check List

    1. License
      Call the city, county, or state business license office to verify the contractor is currently licensed. They may either do this by phone, email, internet, or fax. Most states allow verification of corporate filings as well. In Tennessee search here.
    2. Insurance certificate
      Sounds easy, right? But wait - did you actually verify the information on the certificate? This could mean phoning, emailing, or even writing the insurance underwriter for information. Is it worth a few minutes? Probably!
    3. Insurance endorsement
      1. Require that your company be added to the policy as "certicate holder"... this means you will be notified of changes or lapses in the policy.
      2. "Additionally insured" - "Additionally insured" makes the policy primary should the policy owner be liable for the claim.
    4. Employee classification
      1. Require a statement in the service contract that all employees are 941 employees. This statement should also include a statement that no work will be subcontracted without your express written knowledge and permission.
      2. Verify with the state unemployment insurance department's Employer's Accounts section that the company actually reports wages on employees. This will not be detailed but will let you know if they have ever paid in unemployment taxes.
      3. In interviewing prospective contractors, focus some questioning on payroll taxes, percentages such as the commonly known figures for unemployment taxes, matching employer-paid federal taxes and items such as filing dates and deposit requirements. Legitimate operators should know these handily, and have no objection to openly discussing them. Or they be able to refer you to someone in their company who knows the information. If that happens, you should follow up immediately,
    5. Employee pay
      Is your contractor paying their employees legally? Several items should come to mind here:
      1. Does the contractor pay at least minimum wage according to the law?
      2. Does the contractor pay at the minimum frequency required by law? (number of paydays per month)
      3. Are employees paid hourly, by the job, or other method? (this may also provide clues about worker motivation)
      4. Additional incentives offered to employees for length of time or performance?

    While these pointers will not provide all the answers or reveal the shrewdest of unethical operators, they will help you weed out the majority.

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